Thursday, January 14, 2010

Publish that E-Book

We now live in the information age. Cyberspace publishing has delivered a world-wide audience, previously unrealized except by major book publishers. Authors now have a competitive advantage far beyond the reach of conventional publishers.

On-Demand publishing provides a management model unique to small publishers. If necessary, one can publish one book at a time. This provides many economical efficiencies. First, if there is a mistake in the manuscript, it can be corrected before making a tremendous capital outlay. Changes can be made to the manuscript while the book is in publication.

Secondly, secondary promotional opportunities are more accessible. I'm using the term "secondary" because the author's primary promotional efforts should have taken place prior to publication. Any good writer can effectively promote the book through the internet long before publication date. If you don't know how, simply follow this blog or contact Barry. I'll teach you. It won't cost you a dime.

Electronic breakthroughs are providing tremendous awards to entrepreneurs with a success story. A good writer can excavate the story, write it and promote the book. Conventional publishers are rapidly, loosing ground to this pehnomena.

"The breakthroughs are leading authors to bypass publishers, retailers to become publishers and publishers to become bookstores."- Don Clark in the Wall Street Journal.

Take advantage of this publishing opportunity.