Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Meaning of Life

Gutsy title, isn't it?

Obviously, the answer to the entitled question prompts a wide variety of thoughts pertaining to one's purpose and destiny. The thought might inspire more questions than answers, however, this writer believes that God loves each and every one of us so much that he has given us more than we need to reach our destiny.

Our lives are utterly unfulfilled if our course should fail to align with our chosen purpose and the King or Queen inside oneself is denied its reign, a most undesirable consequence filled with unrest, uncertainty and unwarranted fear.

We connect to our purpose in life by the powerful momentum of passion. We writers are elated each time we read a good novel by a first time novelist because we, too, are arrested by the same passion, a kind of binary kinship propelling us to write more.

We observe life and absorb detail: expressions on people faces, the modulation in which the wind blows and the impact it has on blades of grass and what types of birds inhabit the area and the accent of local people.  We are effective when life happens and deposit hints of color into the depths of the subconscious mind where it is allowed to ferment and return in a more vivid demonstration than the actual original events we previously observed - it returns one size larger than life. Art becomes life...or, we might say that creation is life.  Life flows through the printed word because the writer is passionately connected to the purpose for which the writer was born; therefore, few moments are considered "work"( in the traditional sense) and every scene can leave a lasting impression exceeding the life of the writer, thus the writer reigns as emperor of the world s/he created...an endless treasure of refined ideas.

Aren't you excited that the spirit within you cannot be exhausted?  We are refueled, daily by life and life surrounding us. It is constantly changing and so are we.