Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Write and Sell Your Knowledge

Writing Training Materials That Work: How to Train Anyone to Do AnythingAre You an Expert?

Discover free money you’ve already earned.

If you answered, yes, then you are about to discover an exciting resource and additional avenues to produce more income from what you already know.

Free money rest in the bosom of experts. Many experts are learning (as are you) of untapped resources. If you have an area of expertise exceeding fifteen years of experience, then you may have something to offer of intrinsic value.

"Human beings are always in search of ways to resolve personal problems or expand their mental, physical, social and professional skills," says Jean Marie Stine, author of Self-Help & How-To Books.

You may be pleasantly suprised of the many income streams affordable to you as a result of your knowledge. "As our society becomes increasingly complex, more and more attorneys and judges are turning to consultants to explain how things happen," says Dan Poynter, author of The Self Publishing Manual, and over 76 additional titles. "Eighteen million (18,000.000) law suits are filed each year in the United States by 850,000 lawyers. Each case needs at least two expert witnesses," he concluded.

You may not have become rich through your specialized knowledge, bud did you make money?

If so, others can take your how-to information and make more money from it than you ever dreamed. In the words of Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, “Others can take and old product and apply new technology leading to astounding success.”

With the advent of the internet, this strategy is compelling. Successful entrepreneurs often enjoy a variety of experience and a vast knowledge base. They frequently apply new strategies to old business modules (a new razzmatazz, if you will) and become wealthy. They know how to fill a need more efficiently through the use of developed technologies; as a result, they become wealthy.

Take the information websites, for example, E-how, Wanna Learn, How to, Suite 101, etc. Each of these enterprises is extremely great outlets which allow experts to help others and generate an income, simultaneously. These resources are a great help to you. I am about to show you how.

Let’s dig through the gold mine of experiences in your head.

(1) Look at your career and business experience. Can you talk about what you do?

(2) Can you delineate the experience, trade secrets and skills needed to be successful? Do you have a lucrative hobby?

If you’ve answered yes to the above questions, read on.

This writer has witnessed immediate success of individuals who woke up one day and realized the secret within themselves. This writer has written, edited and supported their books on the subject of their respective expertise.

Take Barbara Wright-Sykes for example. Barbara knows more about sewing than any top three experts, combined, but Barbara has always been a rather down-to-earth personality who simply enjoyed her work. She was, also, a consultant to others who sew clothing for a living.

There were books in Barbara. The first book is called “The Business of Sewing,” ©copyright 2005 Collins Publications.

That book changed Barbara’s life, forever. We encouraged each other. I edited her book with joy. Barbara has not looked back and her success sings a piercing song throughout her most glamorous career. If that was not enough, she published “Overcoming Fear, Doubt & Procrastination,” © copyright 1990 Collins Publications. She has since published a series of books, TV shows, radio shows, Audio/Video cassettes, seminars and workshops stimulating world-wide appeal. Barbara is on top of her game.

You too, can exploit your knowledge base, profitably.

How to Discover That Goldmine within Yourself

(1) Ask yourself, what body of knowledge is unique to you?

(2) What are the critical mistakes you’ve made that could have been avoided?

(3) If you had a child entering your profession, what would you tell her?

If you can answer each question with two sentences or more, I can help you write your book. In fact, almost any well published writer can.

By the way, if I may digress for a moment, I practice what I preach. After writing and editing books for others (after helping make other folks rich), I applied the above principles to my own life. I answered the questions above.

The end result? My book: How to Build a Putting Green, ©copyright 2007, and wealth danced at my door steps. (Google me and any of the above mentioned people and see)

That’s not all. Take Jackie Follie’s book: The Entrepreneur’s Handbook, a multi-million dollar best seller in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. I wrote it for Jackie. When Jackie started with this book, Jackie lived in a one bedroom flat—not so, today, by a wide margin. Jackie sold the interest to a publishing conglomerate and retired went into semi-retirement.

The annals of How-to history are filled with many successful people who, at one point in their lives, did not recognize the wealth of material wrapped in their experience. They know today.

You can, too.

Jeff Wuorio knows. Jeff is the author of How to Buy & Sell Everything, ©copyright 2009. Peter Walsh knows. Peter is author of How to Organize just about Everything, ©copyright 2009. Monte Bursch knows: author of Building Log Homes. Need I say more?

If you’ve answered, yes to the above questions, you are sitting on a blank check. The book in you is worth, at least, six thousand dollars a year for the remainder of your natural life plus seventy years (that’s copyright law). That’s for a run of the mill book. What if there is a good book in you?

There’s one in Walter E. Bell. I’m writing it with him. You’ll read about him and this great book called How to Start a Cleaning Service for $5,000 or less, ©copyright 2009 Bell.

Five Steps to Selling Your Expertise

Follow Them

(1) Contact a professional published writer of non-fiction books; preferably, one with international publishing contacts and marketing know-how. Take myself, for example.

(2) Fill in the blank. I can tell you best how to_____________________

(3) Start writing notes, in your own words. It’s that simple.

Ok. I’ve told you what, when, where and how. What you’re providing is expertise. It’s first presented in a book, and then there are by products, audio/video, articles, seminars, workshops, etc.

When? Now! Why not make a lucrative resolution for the New Year, one that brings almost free money? This is money you’ve already earned and left on the table. I had build hundreds of putting greens before I wrote the book and cashed in. See the money I would have, otherwise, left on the table? Don’t make that mistake.

You have three questions to answer that will change your life, forever. You may not have an award winning bestseller in you, but you’ll have many trips to the bank.

What are you waiting on? Grab your pen and paper or keyboard and start typing.

I’ll see you at the top.

S. Barry Hamdani, author, public speaker and consultant practices in Atlanta, Ga., Los Angeles, CA., Houston, TX., Dallas, TX. and the Caribbean. He can be reached at