Friday, September 20, 2013

Barry Writes: Matt Hutton is truly Transcending

Barry Writes: Matt Hutton is truly Transcending

Matt Hutton is truly Transcending


Excerpts from the book: Transcendence

 The below consist of excerpts from the book, Transcendence (c)copyright 2013hamdani

It is good that we can sometimes feel but not define because we do not own the experience or its definition, just the teaching.  Once wisdom is structurally defined, the present reality will have already changed. Once you see your area of growth you will have already advanced. Once you know, that which is known will have already elevated to bestow a greater meaning, a greater more developed you; therefore, a defined you becomes trapped in yesterday. This is the perspective that defines the present moment…it is moving and never still. Moving water does not freeze. That which we know can only be seen behind our shoulders; it has already happened but we are not looking backward.

Life is an amazing progression, an adventure in learning. It involves both joy and pain. We survive because we find meaning in the struggle.

The very entity of self-actualization and creation consist of superior phenomena, all working together. These realities combined are Appearance, Nature, Entity, Power, Influence, Internal Cause, Relation, Opposites, Agency, Nature, Belief, Resistance, Seduction, Latent Effect, Manifest Effect and their consistency from beginning to end. Some of these factors represent a lesson taken from the pages of......

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