Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Prompt Your Creative Writing with Color

Get yourself in line, how dare you think. Thinking? Who do you think you are, anyway. How dare you.

Sometimes, a writer's attitude toward the fictional character is as I have described above. That's not true with you, is it? Of course, not. Well, just bare with me for a moment. We'll see about that. What if one of your characters lived in a country at war. Think about her feelings about the war. Maybe, she feels the war is justified, so think of her convictions for a moment. I know, you don't want to discuss politics because like race and religion, it is taboo. Your character (not you, of course) has been taught to avoid those subjects. Have you considered that it is those subjects that gives your character definition?

Well, try it, for crying out loud. Stir up the reader's emotions will you. Have her fall in love with someone of a different nationality, a different political background. Upset her parents who are Jewish when she falls in love with a Christian Black man. "Guess whose coming home for dinner, mom?"

Maybe the main character's parents are heterosexual and she is not. What are you waiting for, have her bring her girlfriend home to dinner. Stir those emotions and let's see what's inside mom's head. Twist the plot. Expose the madness. Will mom come into understanding or will she remain in an abyss of ignorance for the remainder of her life? Let's see mom in action.