Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Inner Voice of Wisdom

The beauty of contentment is access. The inner voice is the entity that is accessed as we create. It offers a complete composition of...something.

The expression of the inner voice is without emotion yet it reveals sources of discontent: phobias, loss, addictions or anger. The inner voice overlooks those potential points of confusion (irrelevant energy) and is totally disconnected to both the emotions and reasons behind an intuitively led action.

Intuition in this case is simply an authority within regarding the unknown. Intuitive thought is ultimately an act of faith based on premonition. It is certainty without shape or form. It is wisdom standing in a shadow. There are no distractions in this zone. We hear noise along the peripheral but the inner eye does not blink. We are connected. Intuition. The lyrics of its' silent music are about the subject of oneness.  We hear what is there...a thing not yet manifested. It is the source of creative productivity; the engine that propels the wheels of providence: the result of relevant thinking.