Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ascend to The Secret Place (c)copyright 2015 hamdani

                                     Coming this Spring. To be released in Early April

I believe this book will inspire you. I believe that many of us often feel the need to become closer in touch with what we already have inside. I, too, have often felt that way and many have found that secret place where wisdom, creativity and the unexplainable resides.

In writing, Ascend to The Secret Place, I felt led by the hand of God and the full power of the universe-both the external universe and the universe within, as dual spirits but an inseparable entity, elliptically expressed as yet two individual parts, a confirmation of the fact that we are wonderfully made. You, too, will discover that you are truly made in the image of God.

 As you explore these pages, you will find a wealth of power. For example, as artist, we know that there is something magical in the studio that meets the magic within the artist. We know that we do not find peak experiences but that they find us. We know that the state in which we become stagnant does not represent what we are not, but rather represents the genius we have temporarily forgotten, or disconnected with. We know that there is a particular field of awareness indigenous to but not limited to artist (writers, dancers, vocalist, painters, poets, musicians, etc.). We know that this field connects us as catalyst toward a perfectly timed universal shift. We know that our gifts make room for us in life. In this space we create relevance. This creativity involves the ability to consciously employ the inner community to serve a greater cause. God works through creativity. So do we.

Coming this Spring. My best book, ever