Thursday, November 14, 2013

4 Ways to Program#Success to Embrace You

Excerpted from Transcendent Reality ©copyright hamdani 2013

When we know what we want we will have narrowed our steps towards #success to four critical points: agreement, the ability to recognize change as it is happening, acceptance and honor. All we need do now is choose. This is a road to#higher consciousness.


Prepare to make a choice between two or more opposing realities. Provided, your intent is honorable and in agreement with the laws of nature, universal factors will work together to influence your success. There are a number of unchanging universal factors, including #latent reality. Focused intent will materialize from latent reality in agreement, effectively with no moral consideration. In other words, we reap a manifested reality from the intent we sowed. This is true whether or not the host-you and me- exist in the body-whether one is alive or not, due to the cooperation of latent reality, one of the most critical universal factors. Intent is eternal as is art and the force(s) moves together as a single entity; its’ spirit is single and immortal. This is the#art of creation.

Recognize Change

Recognize the potentially opposing realities, the opposites we mentioned above. Do not give energy to potentially dark realities. Do not honor them with responses.


Accept and trust that –provided you have done all you can-things are happening to get you there. You are not only where you need to be but you are moving in the right direction.  You have agreement, recognition and acceptance. It is acceptance that extinguishes the flames of fear and worry of what might hurt us should we let go and trust.


The principles to which we hold and the people whom we honor and one’s personal beliefs will all work together to honor the beholder. These are not separate events or separate energies. It is oneness.

Choose. Your choice either activates and connects or deactivates and disconnects. Choose the energy you will flow with among the group of potential realities at any given point with expectation, not expectation of a material reward but of more moments of higher awareness. You will become enabled to overlook the influences of the world like a hovering angel with concern and detached acceptance. Every good thing comes with this connection. It is at this point that-as a single entity-latent reality and intent is fertilized. Its favor toward you is expedited by perfection.

Many artists become famous after death due to undefined influences including latent reality and intent. Many leaders have prognosticated change that would take place in the world-change these same leaders would not live to see, yet they saw.

What do you see?

We see when we are not trying. Sight is effortless and so is insight when we open our minds to infinite possibilities.

Here’s what physicist Heinrich Wilhem Dove saw. In 1839 he discovered the nature of “binaural beats.” His legendary discovery was first published in his book, Repertorium der Physik. The bottom line is that the brain can detect differences between the two frequencies as it tries to make sense of messages that are often mixed.

“If thy eye be single, thy whole body is full of light…” Jesus Christ.

Focus upon these four steps and work but do not try. The universe will support you.

S. Barry Hamdani is an award winning writer who specializes in higher consciousness and entrepreneurship. His upcoming book, Transcendent Reality ©copyright 2013hamdani gives simple and tremendously effective ways to:

*  recognize life patterns
* recognize repeating patterns
* discover 6 hidden fears that stifles progress
* learn to trust an inaudible dimension by listening, differently.
* see-anticipate-future events and conversations clearly
* learn to expect these miracles, often.
* your life, your dreams will develop with ease and less effort.