Thursday, December 23, 2010

What Color is Your Brain?

View the colorful box (above) for sixty seconds or more and elevate your creativity. Immediately, write down what you feel.  At the end of this article, I will confirm what you are thinking and feeling. (In fact, as you read this first paragraph the experience has already taken a positive effect on your life).

Seduce your reader, subliminally.

Subliminal strategies are not new. The first, in the late 1950s, focused on James Vicary's claims that he had inserted split-second, invisible ad messages into movies. In the 1970s, Wilson Bryan Key rekindled the frenzy with his book Subliminal Seduction, which purported to reveal that ads for liquor and other everyday products were riddled with hidden skulls and humping donkeys - Clary McLaren

{Clary McLaren studies the paradox of ad criticism}

Color reflects mood. Consider this. Many corporations spend millions of dollars to discover just the right colors associated with the corporate logo and the ensuing message. Take the popular furniture store "Rooms to Go" for example. Its employees wear bright red, yellow, green and blue. An assortment of excitement. Excitement, like enthusiasm is contagious. A consistent mood develops brand, ever subliminal in the mind of the viewer. As writers, color is not a viable medium, but words and scenes that reflect mood consistent with color is readily accessible to us. Use it.

Here it is: The 50,000 daily thoughts you had in the past have created the person you are today and the life you are currently living and the 50,000 thoughts you are thinking today are creating the person you are going to be tomorrow and the life you will live!

{for additional information on subliminal text, see the link below}


The world reknown jazz musician, John Coltrane wrote on the jacket of the album cover, entitled  "Equinox," something to the following effect.

" The more I developed this music, the more I discovered that the thing I was excavating were parts of my own soul."

Color has an incredible effect on your mood, your perception and your likes and dislikes. It’s programmed into you, and you really have little to say about it. Your reptilian mind is the part of you that is programmed to survive. It’s what makes you instinctively know that fire is bad, that red is danger, and that green is comforting. Humans developed over millions of years and color is a big part of our perception.

Colors Black and white represent polarity and compatability. Words associated with those colors are: perspective, point of view, objectivity, attraction.

The color blue symbolize a reflective mood. Words primarily associated with the color blue are: happy, gay, mellow and introspective.

Bright hues such as yellow, red and orange represent novelty.

The following words are associated with bright colors: accessibility, affordabilty, energetic and future.

Red is the color predominantly used in fast food advertisements because it stimulates the appetite. Orange is commonly used to advertise expensive products because it is perceived as affordable.

I am not suggesting we deceive the reader. I am recommending we plant (early on) the subconcious reality of the character and "show" the actions overtly so that the reader arrives at the same conclusion intended by the writer - an understanding of the character. This is a most effective means of arriving at colorful writing.

Below is a link to a psychological word test. Try it on your characters. Take this test as if you were the character in your story. It will develop tremendous insight into your characters thinking and keep your character's actions consistent with her psyche.

Please, let me know if this helps by commenting and following this sight. May your writing goals be fulfilled.

By the way, at the risk of presumption, the thoughts you felt when viewing the colors and words above were "joy" and "excitement." Your thinking was in line with developing new ideas for an existing story. If you think you were stimulated to start a new story, rethink the proposition. The story you are inspired to write is already in your archives.

{for additional information on subliminal text, see the link below}


Please, let me know if this helps by commenting and following this sight. May your writing goals be fulfilled.

Psychology word list -- Vocabulary test 10

Seduce your reader, subliminally.

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