Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How to Tap Into the Genius of Artist

We flow as artist, in part because we live on a plane where we respect what is not yet so. We appreciate what has not yet been done in a space where opportunity cries out to skill. It is a place of creation. It is magical. It is without boundaries. The magic is found on an empty page, or it may be found in the form of a song unwritten or on an empty canvas. Creative process can be seen as steps to a dance yet unperformed.

There is a particular field of awareness indigenous to but not limited to artist (writers, vocalist, dancers, poets, musicians and so on) which connects us as catalyst toward a perfectly timed universal shift. In this space, we create. Creativity involves the ability to consciously employ the inner community to serve a greater cause.  God works through creativity. So do we.

I don't claim to have a cornerstone on creativity but like you, I live in that place between manifest reality and a reality that is yet latent outside my physical world. Here, artist experiment with elements of higher consciousness. We take much joy in treating that which is not as though it were.

We are creators.

How does one tap into this resource of creativity? Simply want it. That's all. Desire it. Some people believe in focusing upon the outcome for inspiration but that can be a limiting concept. You should not know the outcome. You should only see it in bits and pieces, otherwise, you will not recognize who and what has been sent to aid you if it does not arrive in the form in which you imagined the outcome. The act of seeking an outcome is not vision. Vision happens when the outcome seeks your attention.  Creativity is about process, not outcome. Vision chooses you. We tap into it by tapping into emotions that we would rather not deal with. Actors cry in scenes because they tap into past painful moments. When the tears pour the actor will have arrived. There is little difference in the re-lived occurrence and the past event. In fact, the process of re-living an event is generally richer. In re-living an event, the reality of shock is no longer present; therefore, the capacity in which we originally experienced shock  is now a conduit for something else, something far more relevant. Former energy expressed by shock is energy now transformed to be used as capital elsewhere. Energy never dies. The key is to return to an emotional place of choice. For example, you enjoy returning to moments that made you happy. Whatever that moment is, you should re-employ it, often.

 By returning, we discover much of what was overlooked before. As we create stories and characters and music and painting and explore the emotions behind events we discover healing when we did not realize anything was wrong. We even come to explore an excavation of our own soul.

This is the way of the artist. We manipulate energy!

 We can now tap into those same old emotions and go where hurt, fear and uncertainty prevented us from traveling before and by doing so, we tap into new realities and greater dimensions and possibilities. Here are some practical things to do to put you in a firm creative disposition.

Exercise daily.
 Eat properly.
 Do NOT oversleep.
Forgive people.

If you can sleep 4-6 hours consistently, you will find yourself connected among all dimensions. This is BIG. Take naps as they naturally occur and you will lose nothing. Energy is never lost. This is explored in detail in the upcoming book, Ascend to The Secret Place.

 Here, you will find what you were looking for or more accurately, it will find you. You will find yourself more accessible to the voice of God. In plain English, you will have combined the "you" of your dream world with the conscious you and the greater you that is known in bits and pieces during moments of genius. There, you will meet your higher self through a mysterious introduction to higher consciousness. Artist do it all the time.

There is an underlying world of infinite possibilities, coupled with all of life's nuances. We create through this vortex of conflict. The conflicts we avoid by ignoring our emotions are the conflicts  we were "given"  in order to lead us. Great leadership has never been accomplished without equally great conflict.

So, like an artist, learn to allow your emotions to flow. As explained in my upcoming book, there are no good and bad emotions, just restrictive emotions. And yes, that's a plug for my book.

There is wealth in intense conflict and artist have learned to experience it through a litany of bridges to emotional intelligence which is free of judgment; therefore, the natural spontaneity that flows from a writer's pen or a painter's brush tends to showcase life with all its brilliance, its similarities and a magnificently contrasting of that which is not yet in existence- as we know it- with that which  already exists.

This is the place of creation and everyone is welcome.