Wednesday, December 18, 2013


The act of losing something on the path to awareness is the loss of dead weight. Dead weight does not always imply persons, but time...time spent in one place too long.

A lost job creates opportunity. A business failure holds the seeds to successful business in its womb. Time speaks in behalf of change.

Divorce speaks to much we have learned about ourselves and how we handle change. It teaches time.

Even death is cheated of its glory at the bed of the enlightened individual because change is yet welcomed.

Change opens one door with its left hand and closes another with its right and the wise does not resist; therefore, some people choose victory by leaving this plane before terminal illness can steal their dignity. They die with power because they lived with it.

In such times, family and relatives ask, "Where is God?"

He is responding to your loved ones request for dignity.

Falling apart and coming together is a single movement, a congruent is the place where omnipresent God resides.

#transcendent reality...constantly changing phenomoenon in the hands of an unchanging God.

David was right...he is too wonderful to know.

The next time you feel overwhelmed, just say, "God you're too wonderful.."
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Let your new year's resolution be a commitment to excellence.