Monday, December 30, 2013

Love is Eloquent

Someone said, "I care."

Anything more dilutes.

There is nothing more.

Embrace the silence -that single silent voice that answers for two, for truth has donned an economy of words.

(c)copyright hamdani2013, excerpted from book of poetry by same author entitled Voices.

Life...a dance

Wind currents deliver a note from nature with the fragrance of abundance.

Nectar, foams by mouth as bees kiss her tongue.

Humming birds compete for her attention.

Butterflies, content with her presence, want nothing except the next dance.

And the observer, enlightened by this flawless symphony entitles it: God's Sufficient Grace.

(C)copyright hamdani, excerpted from book of poetry entitled, Voices.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Intelligent Heart

The Heart, a microcosm of sunshine.

Brillance uncontained whispers vague promises, notions of secrets to pursuers;  Intelligently hiding facts from consciousness that we may find our way.

(c)copyright hamdani 2013

Saturday, December 21, 2013

#poetry (c)copyright 2013hamdani

Teacher of love...a broken heart is.

In love-to swallow an unknown seed, a seemingly harmless seed...a seed of pain and yet love the good of the whole in which an unknown seed grows.

No regrets, just swallow...without judgment and know by observation the growth of seed, the birthplace of discretion.

...and know with gratitude, that thy own seed planted in the heart of thy lover may birth forgiveness...that one may create the reality of an even greater love.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


The act of losing something on the path to awareness is the loss of dead weight. Dead weight does not always imply persons, but time...time spent in one place too long.

A lost job creates opportunity. A business failure holds the seeds to successful business in its womb. Time speaks in behalf of change.

Divorce speaks to much we have learned about ourselves and how we handle change. It teaches time.

Even death is cheated of its glory at the bed of the enlightened individual because change is yet welcomed.

Change opens one door with its left hand and closes another with its right and the wise does not resist; therefore, some people choose victory by leaving this plane before terminal illness can steal their dignity. They die with power because they lived with it.

In such times, family and relatives ask, "Where is God?"

He is responding to your loved ones request for dignity.

Falling apart and coming together is a single movement, a congruent is the place where omnipresent God resides.

#transcendent reality...constantly changing phenomoenon in the hands of an unchanging God.

David was right...he is too wonderful to know.

The next time you feel overwhelmed, just say, "God you're too wonderful.."
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Let your new year's resolution be a commitment to excellence.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Embrace the #Invasion of Truth

 #Truth  invades the lives of those who seek it. Truth can be magical. Magic rest in the process of seeking. Truth sometimes shows up in dreams and visions. Truth appears in mirrors. Truth whispers through circumstances and speaks to events. Truth questions our motivations and cross examines our beliefs, puts beneath a microscope many long held convictions that do not assimilate to ones path. #Truth ultimately rejects and embraces.

Truth about who we are not sometimes makes us uncomfortable but through discomfort we discover ever greater truths that consequently liberates us.

By Great wisdom, God installed truth to help us identify and reject affirmations that are inconsistent with our purpose that we may find our way. In other words, truth is a filtering system that helps us to separate light from darkness, to strengthen our judgment. Those who seek will find. As we continue to seek truth and understanding, the line between what we say and what we do and who we are becomes assimilated as one. At this point, an individual's life is invaded by truth.This practice creates #miracles. We can reach a point where we speak and things actually happen.

"Know ye the truth and it shall set you free."

Read more on this subject in the upcoming book, Transcendent Reality.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Experience Follows Expectations

We create the physical appearance (form) in which our beliefs materialize. The estimated probability that a given event might occur in the future will vary among individuals. Personal belief determines possibility. Belief is an immediately measurable mandate. Probability is often governed by belief but it is statistics that implies chance. A knowledgeable, prepared and well motivated persons chances of success will increase many times of his unmotivated counterpart...thus the 80/20 rule: 20 percent of the people are responsible for 80% of production.  All will see it, but only those who believe - those who really own the thought-will experience the event favorably. Belief creates expectation; expectation is energy. Experience follows

Thursday, November 14, 2013

4 Ways to Program#Success to Embrace You

Excerpted from Transcendent Reality ©copyright hamdani 2013

When we know what we want we will have narrowed our steps towards #success to four critical points: agreement, the ability to recognize change as it is happening, acceptance and honor. All we need do now is choose. This is a road to#higher consciousness.


Prepare to make a choice between two or more opposing realities. Provided, your intent is honorable and in agreement with the laws of nature, universal factors will work together to influence your success. There are a number of unchanging universal factors, including #latent reality. Focused intent will materialize from latent reality in agreement, effectively with no moral consideration. In other words, we reap a manifested reality from the intent we sowed. This is true whether or not the host-you and me- exist in the body-whether one is alive or not, due to the cooperation of latent reality, one of the most critical universal factors. Intent is eternal as is art and the force(s) moves together as a single entity; its’ spirit is single and immortal. This is the#art of creation.

Recognize Change

Recognize the potentially opposing realities, the opposites we mentioned above. Do not give energy to potentially dark realities. Do not honor them with responses.


Accept and trust that –provided you have done all you can-things are happening to get you there. You are not only where you need to be but you are moving in the right direction.  You have agreement, recognition and acceptance. It is acceptance that extinguishes the flames of fear and worry of what might hurt us should we let go and trust.


The principles to which we hold and the people whom we honor and one’s personal beliefs will all work together to honor the beholder. These are not separate events or separate energies. It is oneness.

Choose. Your choice either activates and connects or deactivates and disconnects. Choose the energy you will flow with among the group of potential realities at any given point with expectation, not expectation of a material reward but of more moments of higher awareness. You will become enabled to overlook the influences of the world like a hovering angel with concern and detached acceptance. Every good thing comes with this connection. It is at this point that-as a single entity-latent reality and intent is fertilized. Its favor toward you is expedited by perfection.

Many artists become famous after death due to undefined influences including latent reality and intent. Many leaders have prognosticated change that would take place in the world-change these same leaders would not live to see, yet they saw.

What do you see?

We see when we are not trying. Sight is effortless and so is insight when we open our minds to infinite possibilities.

Here’s what physicist Heinrich Wilhem Dove saw. In 1839 he discovered the nature of “binaural beats.” His legendary discovery was first published in his book, Repertorium der Physik. The bottom line is that the brain can detect differences between the two frequencies as it tries to make sense of messages that are often mixed.

“If thy eye be single, thy whole body is full of light…” Jesus Christ.

Focus upon these four steps and work but do not try. The universe will support you.

S. Barry Hamdani is an award winning writer who specializes in higher consciousness and entrepreneurship. His upcoming book, Transcendent Reality ©copyright 2013hamdani gives simple and tremendously effective ways to:

*  recognize life patterns
* recognize repeating patterns
* discover 6 hidden fears that stifles progress
* learn to trust an inaudible dimension by listening, differently.
* see-anticipate-future events and conversations clearly
* learn to expect these miracles, often.
* your life, your dreams will develop with ease and less effort.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

4 Things You Can Do...Successful Living

excerpted from the upcoming book          #Transcendent Reality (c)copyright hamdani 2013

  Here are the four principles that help get us there and keeps us there: Agreement, Acceptance, Recognition of change and Honor.

Prepare to make a choice between two or more opposing realities. Provided, your intent is honorable and in agreement with the laws of nature, universal factors will work together to influence your success. There are a number of unchanging universal factors, including latent reality. Focused intent will materialize from latent reality in agreement, effectively with no moral consideration. In other words, we reap a manifested reality from the intent we sow.  #Transcendent Reality explores this mystery.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Excerpts from Transcendent Reality

Beware: as you discover truth it will often contradict tradition. In its developmental stages, tradition may not have consulted#truth.

We may sometimes abridge the depths of truth to suit our present reality or we may honestly misinterpret impressions, for truth cannot be contained or religionized, if you will. 

We sometimes lose truth in an honest attempt to define it but when we allow truth to gradually rise-at its own pace- in the face of tradition then truth embraces us and redefines who we are.

We are needed only as #servants, not as guides.

Taken from Transcendent Reality (c)copyright 2013hamdani

Friday, November 1, 2013

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013

You are a Creator

The power of thought and the magic of the spoken word are tools; We create from this workshop-

Excerpted from upcoming book,  Transcendent Reality (c)copyright hamdani 2013.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Barry Writes: Matt Hutton is truly Transcending

Barry Writes: Matt Hutton is truly Transcending

Matt Hutton is truly Transcending


Excerpts from the book: Transcendence

 The below consist of excerpts from the book, Transcendence (c)copyright 2013hamdani

It is good that we can sometimes feel but not define because we do not own the experience or its definition, just the teaching.  Once wisdom is structurally defined, the present reality will have already changed. Once you see your area of growth you will have already advanced. Once you know, that which is known will have already elevated to bestow a greater meaning, a greater more developed you; therefore, a defined you becomes trapped in yesterday. This is the perspective that defines the present moment…it is moving and never still. Moving water does not freeze. That which we know can only be seen behind our shoulders; it has already happened but we are not looking backward.

Life is an amazing progression, an adventure in learning. It involves both joy and pain. We survive because we find meaning in the struggle.

The very entity of self-actualization and creation consist of superior phenomena, all working together. These realities combined are Appearance, Nature, Entity, Power, Influence, Internal Cause, Relation, Opposites, Agency, Nature, Belief, Resistance, Seduction, Latent Effect, Manifest Effect and their consistency from beginning to end. Some of these factors represent a lesson taken from the pages of......

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Barry Writes: #philosophy... Opposition: A Tool

Barry Writes:#Opposition: A Tool: Opposition is a spiritual reality wisely woven into the canvas of our lives that we may come to know character .Opposition can be an effecti...

Opposition: A Tool

Opposition is a spiritual reality wisely woven into the canvas of our lives that we may come to know character .Opposition can be an effective tool in the mind of the enlightened individual as it is with God whose character is without question. Opposition creates focus and may highlight either fear or confidence. The very will of God rides on the back of opposition and so does your own. Without opposition one cannot effectively make this measurement. Without opposition greatness can have no acclaim.
The muscles of stoic resolve thrive on accomplishments in the face of opposition and cause the courageous to elevate in the eyes of the observer [The book, Transcendence, describes the observer as an elevated state of individual awareness]. Opposition wears a badge to proclaim past victories over the unenlightened and demonstrates an equal admiration and praise for the strong who employ opposition with an understanding of its transient nature.  The limited spirit of opposition can be useful in the journey through life as we know it and beyond.

TRANSCENDENCE (c) copyright hamdani 2013 is a book about that journey.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013



Sometimes the things we think we see are not so. Sometimes the traits we think we recognize in others are not there. Often the #judgments we make of ourselves are not real.

In my upcoming book, Transcendent Reality, we explore the gravity of the human spirit in its relation to perspective. I admit, it is a grand topic; however, the principles outlined in the text will inspire you to know more...about yourself, about God and about the universe in which we live.

Perspective is about the lens in which we view life. The lens does not discover life, it simply identifies the beliefs of the viewer. What is the real perspective of your characters?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Poems By S. Barry Hamdani

     (c)copyright 2013 Hamdani

                                           Anointed Pen

Oh God…if you will anoint this pen to be a blessing upon the hearts of many men,
That people may grow to see that you are friend to all who seek truth to know you from within.

A world that pulls upon desire and lead to a massive nowhere,
A most compelling spirit it is to foe and heir.

Words pitched by spirits without names, names unknown to man,
Spirits without a father they sell a lying wonder, but joy to those who know
That God’s voice wields truth like thunder, and the power of lighting spoken
 by youth to bring a liar under…God’s judgment.

Pride dies hard and is buried in the tomb of regret,
 its destiny preserved in darkness forever,
For destruction is not yet obliterated until the proud,
 stops and bows for the eyes of the wise
 are concentrated on humility.

The voice of pride begets and audience large and small,
 enticing it to a place undefined,
A place of its fall and great is that fall…
seen by all and the audience departs, 
quietly…a wake…a burial…a stake in wisdom.

Tell me, please, what you think is happening within the higher conscious ( the sub-conscious mind )which is inferior to nothing except God. I humbly submit that we may find the so called sub-conscious mind  is superior to present conclusions (sometimes confused with the concept of awareness). Conclusions to present awareness has to be inferior because life is a process that has not yet been completed.