Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Embrace the #Invasion of Truth

 #Truth  invades the lives of those who seek it. Truth can be magical. Magic rest in the process of seeking. Truth sometimes shows up in dreams and visions. Truth appears in mirrors. Truth whispers through circumstances and speaks to events. Truth questions our motivations and cross examines our beliefs, puts beneath a microscope many long held convictions that do not assimilate to ones path. #Truth ultimately rejects and embraces.

Truth about who we are not sometimes makes us uncomfortable but through discomfort we discover ever greater truths that consequently liberates us.

By Great wisdom, God installed truth to help us identify and reject affirmations that are inconsistent with our purpose that we may find our way. In other words, truth is a filtering system that helps us to separate light from darkness, to strengthen our judgment. Those who seek will find. As we continue to seek truth and understanding, the line between what we say and what we do and who we are becomes assimilated as one. At this point, an individual's life is invaded by truth.This practice creates #miracles. We can reach a point where we speak and things actually happen.

"Know ye the truth and it shall set you free."

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