Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Power of Change

Proper prayer and meditation eliminates stress, period. In fact, that's a major purpose of  the book, Dancing With God (c)copyright 2014hamdani: tools that eliminate stress.

We hope to highlight how the nature of individual reality transcends through growth and awareness. Transcendence is movement and movement is change. And if growth is the result of change then a more poignant reality is at play: the reality of a forever changing you.

Change and transformation, therefore, has something to do with the transcendent reality of the individual. You might call it an inner revolution that evokes change. Change is often a mystery of time. The book explores this phenomenon in detail. It further describes how we grow, spiritually, and how growth dynamics play into every changing human relationship.

 Through the spirit, we exact an ever increasing awareness of how we experience change. It is at this point that we determine and shape how we will experience stress, even before stressful  triggers (events) take place. What we believe about changing circumstances determines our behavior, as stress is often the child of change. What are your beliefs about changing circumstances?

Through the peaks and valleys, trials and tribulations, challenges, etc. of life we develop questions about what change means, relevant to those circumstances.

 Major decisions about who we think we are becomes the fuel of monumental change at this place and time, but our concept of time often distorts proper perspective. When we think of who we are and our purpose for being here, we  are likely to consider personal activities of the past, present and future to self-evaluate based on our accomplishments.  By doing so,we are consulting time. Time, as we know it, is only part of the changing dynamics of individual reality. For example, when someone asks, "What do you do?" You are likely to answer according to your profession. We talk about what we have done over time. That's how we have been taught to identify self but the self is much more. We are timeless. We can have several careers and practice several professions; therefore, what we do is simply a small reflection of who we really are, as we are constantly transcending.

Consider yourself without the element of time and begin to think more like God.

We think of time as limitation. Time is actually transcendent and beyond the understanding of human beings. Time is a servant to God, a butler to the universe and a puzzle to mankind; therefore, in absence of a relationship with God, we cannot vision anything of lasting value. To have something last is a concept that consults time, so does vision. We cannot even see, properly, except through the spirit because that which we see is an impediment to vision.

 There are always two opposing realities: what is and what shall be.

We may erroneously, see a temporary flaw as a permanent  challenge.  Such judgment can induce chronic stress, leading to depression and other diseases. Again, the question is what do we believe about what we see. We may view a temporary unpleasant event as final, creating even more stress as we begin to feel less powerful over changes confronting us. We may appear stagnant  when we are simply impatient, but  appearance is a teacher.

It is in the body of our personal cracks, in the depths of our broken valleys where genius is discovered and employed and we come to realize that which was believed stagnant simply became manifest and that which was permanent becomes one of a series of events of an overall greater impermanent reality. In the aggregate, reality includes what was, what is and what shall be.  These are components to a single, non- isolated and ever changing phenomenon. It is transcendent. All of these entities take place at once and can only be known by God, the creator.

In the face of change you will find that life is speaking to you.

Many of us, for example, have experienced exciting life changing events. The most memorable of these changes are often positive...a better job, a better business opportunity, a new baby. Those moments that really speak to us happens through peak experiences and peak performances. A fine example of this spiritual phenomenon in action is best expressed by and act of genius on our part when most needed and least expected. Some call it luck, others call it blessings but the greater blessing is the unique personality of the individual  with all one's cracks and dents included. We can, effortlessly, take these experiences with gratitude and shape our very own reality: the one we cannot see but is known to God.


First, consider what you believe about God, the image of God and your thoughts toward change. The image of God is an approach, an attitude, a conviction. Are you fearful of change? Obviously, you realize you were not created by a fearful God. Change, then, is a big word, here. Today's thoughts and beliefs are the seeds of tomorrow's reality, all of which confront change.

 What do you believe about your job, for example? Before changing jobs, consider this question, diligently. What is it that you believe about your patterns with jobs? Ask what you believe about the relationships you are currently in. Notice, your beliefs will reflect the character of that relationship, today. The kingdom of God is truly within and that's the place where changes are best made - in the kingdom of the known, so know thyself. It is the only place where all can be known. It is the place that prompts the right questions and gives us confidence when we do not have answers.

 Before changing relationships, ask what is it that you believe about your role in relationships. Go even further, observe the patterns unique to you in relationship with others. This form of meditation will bring you to the helm of powers you don't know you have, but the purpose of this pursuit is not power. It is to attain a greater love and appreciation of life, inspired by new insights.

 The farther you see, the farther you can travel.

The very skin of joy and happiness is this transcendent nature. It is a never ending story. We are set free of stress and confusion when we learn to better appreciate our cracks and gaps. Thank God for them. It is what makes us different. It is the mirror of your real identity, separate of your  career. It is who you are when no one is looking.

Your perfection awaits in the valley of your flaws. Everything God made is perfectly made. Everything is also different. We, erroneously, confuse difference with imperfection. Thank God for every crack and every gap. It is the process of working through those gaps unique to you that leads to destiny. That place is your own personal classroom.  Herein lies spirit: our strengths, weaknesses, idiosyncrasies and personality. The way we view that set of dynamics is part of who we really the moment. We are yet, transcending.  Reality is a light upon that transcendent self.

Meditation upon these principle, alone, eliminates stress because you are approaching life as one made in the image of God: a confident person who believes all is possible - a person who practice what s/he believes.

What is cracked, flawed or imperfect in your valley?

Look forward to reading more of Dancing With God, by S. Barry Hamdani