Monday, February 4, 2013

Poems By S. Barry Hamdani

     (c)copyright 2013 Hamdani

                                           Anointed Pen

Oh God…if you will anoint this pen to be a blessing upon the hearts of many men,
That people may grow to see that you are friend to all who seek truth to know you from within.

A world that pulls upon desire and lead to a massive nowhere,
A most compelling spirit it is to foe and heir.

Words pitched by spirits without names, names unknown to man,
Spirits without a father they sell a lying wonder, but joy to those who know
That God’s voice wields truth like thunder, and the power of lighting spoken
 by youth to bring a liar under…God’s judgment.

Pride dies hard and is buried in the tomb of regret,
 its destiny preserved in darkness forever,
For destruction is not yet obliterated until the proud,
 stops and bows for the eyes of the wise
 are concentrated on humility.

The voice of pride begets and audience large and small,
 enticing it to a place undefined,
A place of its fall and great is that fall…
seen by all and the audience departs, 
quietly…a wake…a burial…a stake in wisdom.

Tell me, please, what you think is happening within the higher conscious ( the sub-conscious mind )which is inferior to nothing except God. I humbly submit that we may find the so called sub-conscious mind  is superior to present conclusions (sometimes confused with the concept of awareness). Conclusions to present awareness has to be inferior because life is a process that has not yet been completed.