Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Meaning of Life Part II

There are many answers to the above question but most share one or two common themes, most prominently:  change.

Change is a big word. Change often involve all the things we would rather not do. When we think of all the many rewards change has to offer, we actually begin to look forward to it..sort of. Change is rarely a comfortable undertaking. We want to experience all the good that ensues but we do not want to feel the ensuing level of pain associated with change but change happens anyway. The good news is that something inside of us is constantly changing, adjusting and adapting in a self-sustaining manner...provided we are walking in our calling.

So, what does that have to do with the meaning of life? The meaning of life is to be happy.  If we have walked in our calling we will have learned the nature of struggle and the benefit of endurance as we achieve our goals. Happiness is a presence. It grows as we accept the things that makes us different.  It is during struggle that our differences are made known. Our differences define us. Awareness of our differences paints the pathway to the calling and we simply follow.

 The magnitude of our  real power remain latent until we focus on the thing we were born to do . During the interim...there is conflict. Undisclosed meaning is a latent sibling to conflict, the child of courage, heir supreme to change; therefore change is meaningful.  Meaning is usually hidden, wrapped in the cover of obstacles, struggle and disappointment. Its treasures are reserved for the courageous. It shall reward those who open the box with particular expectations.

Which of your characters might open the box? Which would certainly not? Which is most resistant to change?

Notice that opportunity may require change and induce suspense.

I'm working with two characters in a story whose philosophy could not be more diametrically opposed.  Neither are afraid to open the box. Opportunity is therefore suspenseful in fiction and in life. Each character is skilled. Each personality is imposing. Each character understand why they are here.  Both are extremely successful. One is good; the other is evil. One is happy. The other is content.

This particular manuscript is based on a true story and the thought it inspires is: in principle, the power bestowed upon the courageous (those of us who know why we are here) bears no moral influence.