Tuesday, January 13, 2015

#Writing: Write Anyway

Most of us experience those cloudy moments better defined as writer's block but we inevitably find a way to escape to freedom. Here's another approach.

When you don't feel like writing, yet need to, you may simply express your feelings during that moment. I refer to the process as, In the Moment Self-Coaching.  It helps, of course, when you use an analogy or metaphor to make your writing more colorful.

For example, when feeling overwhelmed, tired and just simply not feeling the writing inspiration, you may write something like this:

The weight of my pen sinks deeper into the sea of writer's block. I hear the voice of my soul, murmuring for me to write.

Later, when describing sadness in one of your characters, you may exploit the above feeling. For example, Chad sat on the screened porch where no one could see him. Face in hands, he re-lived the last twelve hours of his life. He lost her.  Chad lost Jennie. Lost became a murmur in his soul. The weight of her love plummeted in his heart like a cold stone, sinking into the sea of memory.

I hope this exercise helps.
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