Friday, January 8, 2010

How Do I Publish My Book?

The recent advent of on-demand publishing has opened new gateways to book marketing. This does not negate the fact, however, that only worthy material will reach its audience, effectively. A good book is a good book. It doesn't matter whether one is using conventional publishing or on demand when a great book is involved. What you know or do not know does matter.

For example, my book, How to Build a Putting Green (c)copyright 2007, Hamdani sold well because I wrote on a subject in demand and conveyed information in terms everyone can understand. And, then I promoted the book two years before it was published. This practice can often account for the difference in a good book that sells well and a good book that flops. Let's face it, we live in the information age. Authors and ghostwriters who understand their prospective markets and provide timely information to those market members are the leaders in the best selling categories of their respective genres.

Now to answer the title question: How does one publish? Answer: Very strategically.

Talk to your audience before you begin to write the book. For example, I met with many golfers to see what they wanted in a backyard putting green. Why bother to create a putting green? I asked.

Their answers led to chapters in my book. How much time can you dedicate per week to building your green? I asked. Their collective answers led me toward applying building techniques with time considerations in mind. For example, I sacrificed putting speed for time economy.

Ask questions. Listen to your audience. Put yourself in the potential readers shoes and grasp his/her point of view.,

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