Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Need an Agent

(c) copyright 2010 Hamdani

Most writers need an agent. You've heard of the legendary catch 22: the agent need you to have a published book, and the publisher need you to have an agent.

Look forward to upcoming post on this topic. We plan to have fun with it and too keep ourselves informed on the latest.

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William the Scribe said...

Barry, I find your blog to be of great import to any "Graham Greene" or perhaps "F. Scott Fitzgerald" in the virtual world of writing. I find however, writing is much like panning for gold. One must develop the skills for sifting through the "sediment in suspension" in order to discover the single bright nugget. Your thoughts on writing with the five senses are important keys for a successful rendering. As for the idea of "Catch 22" regarding the agent, it is unfortunate the publishing world does not have the capacity to take note of truly genuine writing skills that are floating about in virtual space. Perhaps, it is a case of "too many chiefs and not enough indians". Personally, I prefer the satire of politics and economics and their far reaching manifestations. As a political satirist, I can be found at