Monday, August 19, 2013

Opposition: A Tool

Opposition is a spiritual reality wisely woven into the canvas of our lives that we may come to know character .Opposition can be an effective tool in the mind of the enlightened individual as it is with God whose character is without question. Opposition creates focus and may highlight either fear or confidence. The very will of God rides on the back of opposition and so does your own. Without opposition one cannot effectively make this measurement. Without opposition greatness can have no acclaim.
The muscles of stoic resolve thrive on accomplishments in the face of opposition and cause the courageous to elevate in the eyes of the observer [The book, Transcendence, describes the observer as an elevated state of individual awareness]. Opposition wears a badge to proclaim past victories over the unenlightened and demonstrates an equal admiration and praise for the strong who employ opposition with an understanding of its transient nature.  The limited spirit of opposition can be useful in the journey through life as we know it and beyond.

TRANSCENDENCE (c) copyright hamdani 2013 is a book about that journey.

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