Monday, July 13, 2015

#Writers, What does it mean?

Go Set a Watchman,# Harper Lee.

After the tremendous fame of  #To Kill a Mockingbird, many wonder why the publisher released the title, Go Set a Watchman.

A better question is, What does this revelation really mean? Are we afraid of what it may reveal about who we really are?

As we appreciate a renown title such as #To kill a Mockingbird, a title written in a dark moment of American history, can we appreciate the totality of the times which includes the likelihood of Jim Crowism incorporated in #Go Set a Watchman, or, are we limited to the thought that Gregory Peck's character represented the personification of who we really are?

If the former is true, we should have no qualms about the contents of book we have not yet read. If the later is true, then the earlier book would not have been necessary.

The writer who causes us to question our fears has done the greatest public service possible via the pen. The writer may have revealed the dimensional personality(ies) of the individual.

Ecclesiastes 9:14  (of the Holy Bible) says it best: there was a small  city, with a few men in it...

Study the passage and be enlightened.

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