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#Ascend 5 tips that put you back on your game

"Greatness-is a spiritual seed in a silent kingdom, resting latently within the soul. It rewards those who seek"- excerpted from paperback, Ascend to The Secret Place (c)copyright 2015 Hamdani.

Reprinted from my previous upload in March. It's worth repeating.

By definition, the word perimeter connotes limitation. Sometimes we are warned about crossing lines. Sometimes, we put ourselves at emotional risk by doing so as the crossing can determine ones sense of  personal dignity. You've probably heard the term, "you've gone too far."

According to Dan Goleman, Ph.D, "The answer to that dilemma will be determined by a strip of neurons in your prefrontal cortex, just behind your forehead—your brain’s executive center. One of its jobs is settling such conflicts, and managing your priorities in general."

Consider that some of these fences are sometimes invisible. Should you cross? How do you know?

Focus on your Inner Reflections

I am going to show you in a few steps how to open the community of your soul to speak to you exactly where you are, right now.

Narrow your focus.

When I competed in golf, I learned to focus on only three or four things to do throughout the entire tournament. 

Golfers know that there are many things going through the mind in this individual competition. It is much like life: lots to think about. A golfer thinks of his/her grip, feet position relevant to the target, terrain, wind, type of ground-is it wet and soft or hard and dry and then there is distance and so forth.

You Work is immortal and can be done from a place of detachment if you care not about the commercial side of your work, but work with passion: passion equals blessings from places unknown. 

You will later step back into a more elevated reality after absorbing this information. You will realize that you are in a different place...a place of choice.

I think it was Hericlitus who said something to the effect that one cannot step into the same body of water twice for the man has changed and so has the composition of the water.

 Here is a pathway:

There is value in the abstract. In the west,  the abstract often carries negative connotations like old age or mental illness.  In some parts of the west, the very term counseling or therapy seems to imply fragility. These are abstract places of a brilliant mind. This place remains latent until we go where we belong.

So...go there.

 You are about to see that the environment of the abstract may appear abnormal and strange if not "crazy" to some, to others it is a goldmine. (take Donald Trump , for example, whom I do not endorse) who is able to gain support not because he is a political genius but, perhaps,  because he played to his strengths.  He us in his place: in media. Place is essential. Where is the glory in a caged eagle that cannot soar the winds?A fish struggling in dry sand is pathetic but put it in water and see its glory.

There is no moral implication to these principles. It is strategic by nature. 

Trump went to that special place where he was in contact with something abstract but specific to his calling. There, he discoverd, as do we, that because we are where we belong at the moment;  it seems, we cannot lose. Tiger Woods had it. In this secret place we are met by what may be a challenge to others, but is not really a challenge to the individual who is in his/her moment and in PLACE performing the dictates of that specific calling and on top of the game. The media challenge was not a challenge to Trump because he was pursuing something directed specifically to him from within, with detachment. 

Detachment involves removing ourselves from the end result and focus with upon the moment. Notice, Trump benefited from his mistakes like a fish turning in the wrong direction in water, because it is in water (its element/its calling), there is no penalty for the error. There is no penalty ro the eagle who turns in any direction as it soars the wind.

Focus on the moment and on place.

Ambition challenges us to do the opposite, to focus upon the end result and can cause us to desire to live in a future moment (another place), instead of the all-empowering present. By living in the past or future, we begin to perform.  We want others to approve of our points of view as we perform.

According to Dr. Neel Burton, M.D., this effort to make everyone approve what we love or hate is in truth ambition, and so we see that each person by nature desires that other persons should live according to his way of thinking. These thoughts, though valuable, lead us away from the fundamentals of our own game.

Narrow the plan to your own target and therefore, master the game.

By narrowing your plan to three or four (no more than five) key points, stress will fall off you like water from a duck’s back. Confidence will engulf you because you are no longer competing with anyone but yourself. You are now focusing on the things you know you can do by using the clubs or tools you are familiar with while in the right place. Yes, you will practice and try many things in practice before the game, but in heat of the game, focus on four or five points, only. Life, my friends is much like this.

No matter what your challenge may be, stop and think of these things. These are game makers/breakers.

(1)  Count your blessings. You are healthy &  alive so, forgive others & pray.

(2 ) Who do you love?

(3) What is life speaking, specifically, to you, right now? ( a lesson learned from my beloved nephew,Derek Irvin).

(4) Exercise 15 minutes daily, to start.

(5) Eat Well.

If you attempt to accomplish much, without tuning in to what life is saying to you, specifically, then the exercise of positive transformation will become labored because you are playing to another calling-not your own. Stay in your own lane.

"In addition, by investing external energy to address an area non-specific to you, you are left with less energy to deal with specific revelations  in your life."

According to the authors at, 'The reason why that happens is because patterns occur as a result of the internal, fundamental frameworks you live by. These frameworks refer to the inner beliefs and values you hold. To get rid of these repetitive behaviors, you need to look inward, examine what triggers them, uncover the underlying causes and resolve them at the root level. The good thing is that since patterns are a result of our beliefs, we can get out of them by changing our beliefs."

Doesn't that sound remarkably similar to the information provided in my paperback, Ascend to The Secret Place?

When you practice the steps below, you will reaffirm your beliefs which has an immediate impact on what comes into your life. You create the patterns. You can modify will.

Learn the lesson or pass the test the first time... just a few chosen truths will allow you to transcend. By doing so, change or transcendence becomes effortless.

Here’s what’s happening with me, for example.

I once thought of the special lady in my life, often and deeply. This feeling called for deep reflection because I had not loved a woman for years. I found myself in love with this one and had fought it as much as I possibly could before settling. Suddenly, I realized that much had changed over the years. Change can be radically gradual. Change sometimes manifest by sneaking upon us and we see its foot prints behind us and beyond us. Like a thief in the night,  the old has passed away and I am yet transforming.

If it were up to my choices of love, I  would likely have employed a different approach and method and  the pace of initiating a  lovely relationship would have been much slower. My way is limited to me and the entire vortex of my education and experience (incorporating my emotions and sensitivities that can be advanced, enhanced or modified in error).

There is a greater approach. It discounts space and time. It is much greater than self.

About the lady, I was thankful for her and for having been transformed to  experience romantic love again; however, this transformation involves the deeper part of us. It continues, even if two people are apart. 

Think about that. You can see the connection, can't you?

This leads to another thought regarding space and time. My coming into this association with romance, again, was developing all along-while the old was dying, the knowledge of its experience yet festering in my latent consciousness, altering my heart to even more sensitivities that I may be even more powerful than before. 

This space of contemplation and reflection upon the values of others attracts me yet delineates that I am also complete, alone. In fact, we are alone.  I have, therefore, learned the lesson life was teaching me.

Now, I am sensitive to God and to the universe as two different entities inseperable from me.

Now, I can see and capture the whispers in the air: I hear from people, everywhere. I hear from from my friend,  Dr. Schuman that I think I am open when I am not. I hear that I am checking myself now. I hear that I play games to test whether someone would  be loyal or walk away  and abandon me and I know where that comes from…having been so young when that emotion embraced me.

 I remember the loneliness. I remember feeling worthless, unworthy and like an accident that happened that brought me to this world, except there was the people I loved. I picked upon their grave emotions like spiritual radar, as a kid. 

That radar grew more proficient (but not necessarily healthier) as I grew older.

You too, have a gold mine of experiences and spiritual software that removes invisible fences and opens doors.

The spirit of man is shaped by our sensitivities to past experiences. 

 Mental  health professionals provide great service in helping people, however, I believe they best help when they get us to the point that we can discover the kind of power that this subject is leading to. 

There is a place where each of us can go but there is only one chair there. 

There is not even standing room for another. 

It is in that space that we see who we are, how we were shaped and when that’s done we are taken into the listening room. There we hear words & concepts specific to ones individual map.

Go there and listen. Yoy may hear something like this.

 Eat well. I know two people in particular who shared some dear secrets with me regarding the way to eat. One of those people is  ninety one years old Luz Maria Baptiste and the other is one hundred and ten years old man, Nakia Demetrius. Both are featured on my FB page. They do not know of each other, yet each of them recommended the same foods to eat. Even more interesting is the fact that a friend from Atlanta, Delano, had shared some of that information with me nearly a year before my having gained information from the above two seniors. 

Life does speak, doesn't it?

There is a place to hear everything you need to know, be and do in a given moment. Life, as my nephew, Derek Irvin says, is speaking to you. I believe it whispers.  

This place is always accessible to us but matters of life often prevent us from going there.

 It is not prayer or religious practice that I am speaking of. I am speaking of a kind of meditation that takes you to the place where life speaks to you about you. Prayer brought the blessing of the experience to you. Your faith in God fuels the journey but you can only enter that secret place by choice and discipline, individually.

To some people, thoughts of wisdom are a matter of quotes soon forgotten, but to those who seek, it is spiritual foreplay. 

Foreplay entices us.

We know that there is something deeper. We also know that sometimes things are simply as they appear. The place between the two realities is where I am.  The place I am speaking of is not stagnant; like the individual, it is transforming with us.

So, what have we learned?

 (1)  Count your blessings. You are Healthy & Alive so find something to be thankful for everyday. You won't have to look far.

(2 ) Who do you love?
       Think about them and give thanks for who they are.

(3) What is life speaking, specifically, to you, right now? a lesson from Derek Irvin.
       What are you hearing?

(4) Exercise 15 minutes today.
      Come alive!

(5) Eat Well. Eat more of the following: honey, ground cinnamon, olive oil, asparagus and g

    Something wonderful happens to your attitude in this space.

  In this space, our errors should come to light. Even if we are embarrassed by these things, we should look more closely. Why did we allow such things to happen to create the embarrassment to begin with? 

Sensitivity to these occurrences are enlightening. These are landscape lights along the proper path of an individual. These lights shine both night and day. For example, I heard the words passion, invest, what we want is one side of a two sided coin…that’s what I heard…the coin thing but before I mived to Texas, i heard the following words: Texas. Preparation Expectation. Detachment. 

All of my blessings which later manifested were mystically related to those topics.

When we hear these sagacious whispers -that gleam of light that flashes from within-often we ignore it...because it is from us-we think it is not valuable but it is a map, calibrated specifically for you, individually.

  Shortly afterwards positive circumstances in my life unfolded along the lines of those subjects (words and unclear concepts) mentioned above. 

There was no effort from myself other than the exercises the content I am sharing with you.

  An idol spirit does not lead one to recognize the patterns of lights along the spiritual landscape.  It leads one to comparisons. Awareness of that moment of comparison is the single reality that puts you back on top of your game. It leads away from the reality of envy, jealously and strife-the by products of comparison.

A scattered representation of self or a lack of commitment can lead one into trials that lead to these realizations.

  These five steps will discipline(un-scatter) you. You can only see the pattern of lights when you know what you want and understand the general direction in which your life is going.  Pay attention to the signs and whispers and inner lights of inspiration. It is more powerful than the tangible world. You will be redirected If you are going in the wrong direction (whatever wrong is for you).

If you are engulfed by a state of comparison, you will stagnate and become misled by afflictive emotions.

It is at this point that you will practice these techniques and be automatically checked by events that embarrass you, events that could otherwise lead to further afflictive emotions that demote your sense of integrity, demolish your pride and prevent you from happening. 

This happens as we are transformed.

  I conclude that transcendence involves an abstract capacity to choose the proper tool, leave the no longer useless tools and move forward  on top of your game with what is needed to capture what is desired, without detachment, at a given  point in time, leaving one free of the desire to compare.

Awareness of this space is permanent. The ability to go there at will is best described as our own built in magnetic force to create epiphany and peak experiences. The brain helps but the spirit dominates this arena.

Hear more of these topics from Shareef Barry Hamdani on SoundCloud.


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