Saturday, February 28, 2015

7 Principles That Will Change Your Life Forever

Coming this Spring, my new book, Ascend to The Secret Place, a most Transcendent Reality (c)copyright 2015 hamdani.

"If you don't believe in God, you will, after reading this book. If you believe, you will embrace your beliefs more fervently than ever."

The book encompasses seven principles that will  positively change your life, forever.

Experience teaches us that self-starters keep within reach some of the most powerful motivational material: Books.

People who practice the  principles in this book have found that which was once missing. Others have re-discovered their magic.  Many speak of an inner kingdom, a kingdom united with the universe. You, too, will find these dynamic universal factors a compelling force that causes an individual's strengths to become more pronounced and allows weakness a place beneath a microscope, unhampered by judgment to the extent that the perceived weakness (or cracks in the foundation, as Hamdani puts it) may also work for the individual. It is an amazing discovery.

If there are secrets and mysteries, then know that they are not necessarily hidden, just undiscovered. Much of the unknown is often explained away as unfathomable secrets and mysteries but the underlying phenomena communicates in detail to awareness. Service from these factors and entities are at our demand. These mysteries exist in space within and beyond and a state of enlightenment is the place where one knows the two (the community within and beyond) to become one and the place repeats as part of the  process. Through Ascend to The Secret Place, a most transcendent reality, those entities and factors become more apparent during the process of becoming and you, the observer shall bloom, exponentially, when you are also in the right place.

 Place is not stagnant, just conceptual... as we know it. Its reality lives and breathes in the mind of the believer with a demanding umbilical cord attached to a significant  force, a pull -an undefined momentum- from a non stagnant universe.

 Entities have character. Factors work together to purge us towards perfection. The nature of truth is absolute energy that encapsulates energy, absolutely. Once this phenomenon is observed the observer becomes...
Awareness of a specific state of becoming is a place of genius. Movement and timing (as we know it) in this place is excellence.
We are most powerful, most magnetic when we are aware of the process of becoming. That's why excellence is often effortless. In an environment of an ego both monitored and suspended by awareness, we come to understand the power of what makes individuals different and how difference establishes a winning brand, a spiritual and marketable fingerprint with a built-in personality. It is often this unique quality -differentiation-  that makes you and your product or service unique."

This most compelling magnetism cannot be owned but experienced.
The things you fear will learn to serve you.

You will no longer forget...anything because the process of forgetting is the other side of the coin of "trying" and you will no longer try to do anything. Trying is inconsistent with the laws of nature. Doing based on thinking (space and motion) combined with a single intent is consistent with nature.

Carlton Norman said it best, Ascend to The Secret Place is an unforgettable book about finding many pieces of oneself in places rarely explored but readily accessible.

Ascend to The Secret Place, (c)copyright 2015hamdani, coming this Spring to a bookstore near you.

Spring 2015 

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