Thursday, March 5, 2015

Healing Pens #am writing

Okay, writers, climb aboard with me. Let's use our pens to influence healing. You know, I never thought I would see the day that they would sell a pill designed to overcome a low IQ and promise to make people successful and rich but it is so; introducing,  The Brain Pill and the American Dream Pill. These pills are marketed at $200.00 to $400.00 per pill with movies stars and corporate celebrities pushing it with plausible testimonials. It seems the snake oil salesman has refined his act, modernized his pitch and actually found a bit of respectable research to support his work...if you want to call it work.

I am not knocking the validity of the pill as the research seems to support no reason to question the veracity of the celebrity's statements. It seems the pill actually stimulates some portions of the brain to amplify clear and superior thinking while it suppresses those parts of the brain that leads to doubt, fear and procrastination, but at what cost?  People seem to have more peak experiences and more measured success as a result of the pills, but at what long term risk? The devil in the bottle will admit some of its known risk in small print sometimes, but there's nothing small about the advertising budget designed to provoke your emotions and overcome the logic of the small print. After all, corporations have researched us with countless focus panels to determine what stimuli gets us going emotionally and they know that we buy based on emotions; so much for the logic of small print.

While one may believe the adage that anything that can be measured can be improved, one may prefer a different approach to improvement. I write inspirational books that I hope will make a difference in the lives of individuals as do many writers in this genre. By doing so, we would like to think that we offer a non-chemical alternative toward brain stimulation. Some writers introduce methods through inspirations from newly developed psychological studies, others through philosophical or scientific studies. I, on the other hand, offer an organic spiritual solution through spiritual considerations. After all, God did not take a pill when he made the world. Women do not take a miracle pill to create pregnancy or to deliver a baby, a miracle in itself; therefore, it seems that common sense has, once again, escaped the public and helplessly surrendered to the corporate pitch from pharmaceutical companies.

God help us.

They tell us that church is out and pills are in. People are running to the pharmacy in great numbers, shelling out $200.00 - $400.00 per pill, blindly trusting in something they know nothing about but are well warned to not trust in religious institutions for they may take your money. Don't trust in mysterious spiritual gurus and their concepts because they can be misleading and be careful to not over exercise (as if exercise ever killed someone).

 Granted, some of the supplements are safer than others. Take galantamine, for instance ( see,  or (Narcissus pseudonarcissus)  which is taken from the common daffodil, is said to have safe qualities which makes dreaming more lucid and stimulates awareness while you are asleep. But then corporate marketing becomes aggressive once they see an uninformed public is biting. A beehive of manipulative commercials began to stir on Madison avenue and ad agencies produced clever deceptions pitching intriguing phrases: Turbo Charging the Brain. Brain Boosters. Brain Pills. The Miracle Pill. CBS joined the fray, "Secret Society of the Successful", and so on.

Now here are the facts. Pharmaceutical companies enjoyed a 74% increase in the sales of Provigil. This drug was actually approved for Narcolepsy and sleep disorders but people use it, along with Adderall as a genius stimulant.  It's pitch, "Niagra for the Brain." The many adverse side effects are yet unknown.

Are these ploys effective? Well, college students are already taking prescription stimulants like Ritalin. Because these kids believe the pill helps them to concentrate on their studies, the pill has growing demand.

"As more brain pills are developed, middle-aged people who want youthful memory powers and multi-tasking workers who need to keep track of multiple demands, those pill sales will increase. They will continue to buy in great numbers," says author and brain scientist Martha Farah of the University of Pennsylvania. "Almost everybody is going to want to use it."

Many of those authors and scientist consult for pharmaceutical companies. Think about that. The use of these drugs as a study stimulant is a felony but college students yet use it anyway. The approved FDA use of these drugs is for hyperactivity disorders. There are organic alternatives to these drugs. Bear with me, we're getting there.

The corporate snake oil salesman's rebuttal to the thought of potentially devastating side effects down the road is, "..but the people want it," or as a garden department manager said to Lulu Korn, a notable socialist activist regarding the product, RoundUp, "We know it's poison but the people want it." Furthermore, according to Lulu Korn, twenty years ago our children were bombarded with chocolate milk at school cafeterias when the consensus was, "they won't drink anything else," but that too has changed. Ms. Korn went on to compare the school's (belated) practice of offering sodas in vending machines with the more healthy juices now offered in place of the non nutritious drinks.

Regarding Monsanto's view that people are demanding its product,  I've never seen lines of people outside chemical plants protesting the slow production of chemicals, nor have I seen people marching in the streets demanding that companies like Monsanto produce more poison,  have you?  ..didn't think so. We  have, however,  seen TV commercials, at $30 or $40,000 dollars a pop pushing those products.

What's the answer to some of these problems: be informed.

As far as the brain pill madness is concerned, we can stimulate our own minds by reading spiritual oriented material, worshiping and aligning ourselves with a fresh dose of common sense. "Engage your brain," says Mustafa Hussain, MD, director of the geriatric Psychiatry division at Duke University School of Medicine, "Walk, read inspirational materials.

"Walk thirty minutes, daily, and meditate upon new concepts. Try a Mediterranean diet, " says R. Scott Turner, MD, PhD, director of Memory Disorders Program at Georgetown University Medical Center." It helps to prevent many diseases, including high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, strokes and more. It releases the protein called BDNF, which releases health nerve cells in the brain."

Well, readers, there it is. Take the organic approach to stimulating your brain, walk and exercise, read stimulating materials, worship and consider different perspectives as to how we approach problems and consider different concepts to solving problems.

"This is the best evidence for preserving memory and mental function and overcoming adverse aging issues," says R. Scott Turner.

Well there it is, people,  the only secret to success is embedded within the heart and spirit of the individual, for the kingdom of God is within you. You are already the genius and your stimulants are natural and the only people getting rich from the pills are the corporations and the pitch men who sell them.

Climb aboard, writers, use your skills to stamp out the madness.

 I hope that my new book, Ascend to The Secret Place will stimulant you to discover and employ your God given talents to access your spiritual powers and to amplify your natural genius. It's coming this Spring. Look for it.


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