Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Writing Creative Non-Fiction

I have heard many good speakers who serve the public well from a platform. I have been touched by these speakers. Some are social activist who dedicate themselves to leaving the world in a better condition  (safe, healthier, more peaceful) than they found it. Hooray to those individuals who understand their purpose in life.

 As much as I admire them, I have noticed, many of these speakers are terrible writers. Let's fix that, here and now.

If you have a platform where you are influencing people to live a better life, as I have defined, above, then perfect your writing skills so that the information you convey may be also effective in print. Here's how. Focus upon one valuable idea at a time, poco-a-poco.

Reflect upon the genuine value that you bring to the table. For example, you may be an activist who warns us of the dangers of consuming improper foods. You may focus upon one of the adverse results of eating such foods. For example, some foods actually contribute to the creation of tumors in the body that leads to cancer. Such an activist might open a short essay with a form of the following question.

 "What have you eaten lately to create cancer or prevent cancer in your body?"

Now, go ahead and present your material.

A body building activist might open a short missive with the following question, "Which exercise will you practice today to prolong your life?"

Now, present your material.

An inspirational speaker, like this writer, might ask, "Which afflictive words have you eliminated from your vocabulary, recently?" Or, "Which non-afflictive emotions are you using this week to advance your life?"

Now, I will present my material: Let us view human emotion beneath a spiritual microscope..........

All of the above listed open ended questions tend to set the stage for the information you are about to deliver. It creates curiosity. Remember, due to your passion for life, you have something to say. We want to hear it. Don't underestimate your value. Don' t make the mistake of assuming that people already know what you are designed to teach. You are a unique snowflake and the manner in which you present information is unique. Do not lose impact by failing to  properly set the stage.

When you open up with a life changing theme in the way of a questions, minds open to you, allowing the essence of "you" to connect.

You only need do one thing: reflect upon a single value that you are offering the world. Think of one thing a listener can do (based upon your teaching) to improve life, today. Now, that being said, build a question around that idea.

I hope that these simple hints will help. Be blessed, be fruitful and multiply your teachings as an aid to all mankind/woman kind...people.

People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude. - John C. Maxwell

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